Jeremy Sviben positioning lighting in 1993...

Photo Credit: Kevin Islander
Mr. William (Bill) Locklin

Founder of Nightscaping- Most consider Bill the Grandfather of Outdoor Low Voltage Landscape Lighting...

Bill started building fixtures for us in 1993 and continued until Nightscaping stop creating products in 2009

Bill was one of the earliest inspirations of our Process Patented Anti -Fire Lighting System "Lightingshrink"

We learned "Reliably Tight and Water Proof solves every Lighting connection problem!

Janet Lennox Moyer Gruel

Jan's books are considered the Bench Mark of reference for the outdoor lighting Arts

I participated in Jan's International landscape Lighting institutes "Intensive Course" In New York where we collaborated with Lighting professionals from all over the country to create mock ups and learn from each other under Jan's guidance.

Photo Credit: George Gruel

Attending the International Landscape Lighting Institute Workshop

Article by Jeremy Sviben Hardscape Magazine...

Article by Jeremy Sviben Hardscape Magazine...

Jeremy Sviben and Jay Chaikin from Restoration Wild and Abandoned
Jeremy and Jay from Restoration Wild and Abandoned - Check out Jay Chaikin's stuff

IDA award
IDA Award Botanical Lighting- Residential Outdoor Living Space