Landscape lighting Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
Pool landscape lighting Mt. Laurel, N.J.
Moon Lighting Medford Lakes N.J.
This design and install of outdoor landscape lighting was located in Medford Lakes NJ. It was important for this design to compliment the natural surrounding...not compete, just compliment.
Shadowing and reflections in Marlton N.J.
This Landscape Lighting project is Located in Marlton N.J.
Up Lighting Medford N.J.
This outdoor landscape lighting installation is located in Medford N.J. A weeping cherry in bloom. I can never get enough.
Shadowing Medford N.J.
This design and install of outdoor landscape lighting is located in Medford N.J. Dramatic shadowing when designed into the proper location can leave a lasting impression.
Diamond Landscape Lighting Haddonfield N.J.
This design and install of outdoor landscape lighting is located in Haddonfield N.J. This design called for a dramatic indoor and outdoor lighting focal point.
Old World Landscape Lighting Shadowing Moorestown N.J.
At times, landscape and Garden lighting can feel contemporary, but through shadowing, it can bring back a softer old world feeling especially at this Moorestown N.J. residence
Moon Lighting Medford N.J.
This design and installation of outdoor landscape lighting is located on a waterfront in Medford NJ. This design started with the idea that every fixture, day or night had to be hidden.
Winter Interest Landscape Lighting Lower Gywnedd Pa.
This landscape lighting Design and Installation was located in Lower Gywnedd, Pennsylvania. This photo hopefully shows how beautiful landscape lighting can be in winter.
Feature Lighting Voorhees N.J.
This design and installation of outdoor landscape lighting is located in Voorhees N.J. By designing with angles in mind you can go beyond inherent beauty. For energy efficiency, this feature is being lit with a 3 watt LED... light emitting diode, MR16.
LED Landscape Moon Lighting Flour Town Pa.
This Design and Installation of LED Landscape moonlight was located in Flourtown, Pennsylvania. Incorporating LED light sources into a well thought out location can create energy efficient drama.
Landscape Lighting Haddonfield N.J.
Outdoor lighting View from the inside out in Haddonfield N.J.
Landscape Lighting Princeton N.J.
Moon Landscape lighting Princeton N.J.
Landscape Lighting Villanova Pa.
Landscape Lighting Villanova P.A. using varying color LED we were able to soften the architecture and accentuate the reclaimed Timbers
The Rittenhouse, Philadelphia Pa.
LED Landscape and Fountain Lighting Courtyard
Landscape lighting Berlin, New Jersey
Landscape Lighting being mindful of light pollution in over 55 communities
Landscape Lighting Kennett Square Pa.
Deck and Stair Lighting
Cafe Aldo Lamberti Landscape Lighting Cherry Hill N.J.
Themed Blue LED Lighting
Cafe Aldo Lamberti Cherry Hill, New Jersey
LED Landscape Lighting Theme Happy Valentines day
International Landscape Lighting Institute, New York
Peer Collaboration featured in Architectural Lighting Magazine Photo credit: George Gruel
landscape up lighting Marlton, New Jersey
Multiple fixtures with soft lamps create a full effect
Soft Landscape Lighting Mt Laurel, New Jersey
Soft lighting with shadowing
Pergola Lighting
by softly lighting the surrounding areas you can indirectly light structures in your gardens